How Asbestos Abatement Works

If your home or business has asbestos, you should know that Tacoma Abatement Company, LLC is able to safely handle, remove and dispose of asbestos. Our asbestos abatement professionals are trained and certified to safely handle asbestos in accordance with EPA and Washington State regulations.

Due to the potentially dangerous nature of asbestos (which can lead to mesothelioma and other related diseases), trusting TAC will reduce your exposure and help you to have peace of mind.

What Is Asbestos Abatement?

The term asbestos abatement stands for the legal and safe removal of asbestos from a house, building, or worksite. By nature, asbestos fibers can be small enough to become airborne and become suspended in air when the material is disturbed, broken or crumbled. It is important that only trained EPA-licensed asbestos contractors handle asbestos and perform abatement procedures.

Because asbestos can be hard to identify, a licensed asbestos inspector should first perform a visual inspection of the area for any potential hazards. If asbestos is suspected to be in the property, the inspector will remove pieces of any questionable material and take it to a certified laboratory for analysis.

If the tests are positive for asbestos, the next step in the asbestos abatement process is to recommend either encapsulating the asbestos or completely removing the material from the area.

The Asbestos Removal Process

Asbestos abatement professionals may recommend encapsulation or abatement depending on the condition and location of the asbestos materials.


During an encapsulation procedure, specialists will coat the asbestos materials with a sealant material. This sealant prevents asbestos fibers from becoming airborne while also creating a layer of coated protection to prohibit exposure if the material is disturbed.


If damage to the asbestos material is too severe and the situation allows, the asbestos building materials may need to be completely removed. The most common steps in the asbestos removal process are:

  1. Shutting off HVAC units and seal ventilation (i.e. vents, ductwork) to prevent asbestos fibers from circulating before removal.
  2. Sealing off the work area with heavy plastic sheeting to prevent asbestos from entering other rooms/areas.
  3. Using wet cleanup tools and HEPA filter vacuums to clean the workspace.
  4. Placing all asbestos materials from the site inside clearly marked, hermetically-sealed containers.
  5. Technicians will then proceed to decontaminate by containing any soiled clothing in a clean room, then switch to another pair of clothing to prevent spreading any fibers that may have attached during the abatement process.
  6. Abatement professionals take the materials to a landfill qualified to receive the waste, where it is buried for long-term storage.

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