Your Guide to Hiring an Asbestos Abatement Professional

Man clicking on different icons and asbestosIf your home or building has asbestos, it’s time to make sure this material doesn’t affect anyone who comes near it. To do so requires asbestos abatement from a professional company.

Thankfully, Tacoma Abatement Company is at your service for all your asbestos abatement needs. To learn more about the asbestos abatement process, we’ve compiled a quick guide to bring you up to speed on asbestos abatement professionals and how to make the best decision.

Asbestos Professional Inspectors: What to Look For

Asbestos Inspectors can help homeowners learn whether their home has asbestos. Inspectors perform a number of functions:

  • Inspect a home or building to assess conditions.
  • Take samples of suspected materials for testing.
  • Provide a written evaluation describing the location and extent of asbestos in the home.
  • Advise homeowners on what corrections are necessary.
  • Ensure that the corrective-action contractor follows proper procedures.

It’s important to note that the inspection should include a thorough visual examination and collection for laboratory analysis of samples. If an inspector determined that asbestos is present, they should provide a written evaluation describing its location and extent of damage. Additionally, the inspector should give recommendations for correction or prevention. After a job is completed by an asbestos abatement contractor, the inspector may recommend and perform checks after the correction to assure the area has been properly cleaned.

Asbestos Professional Contractor: What to Look For

Asbestos Contractors are professionals that can repair or remove asbestos materials safely. Asbestos contractors generally follow these procedures:

  • Avoids spreading or tracking asbestos dust into other areas of your home.
  • Ensures the work site is clearly marked as a hazard area, sealing the work area from the rest of the house using plastic sheeting and duct tape, as well as turning off the HVAC system.
  • Repairs asbestos by covering, encapsulating, or removing the material entirely.
  • Applies a wetting agent to the asbestos material that ensures that wet fibers do not float in the air as easily as dry fibers and will be easier to clean up.
  • Disposes of all materials, equipment, and clothing used in the job in sealed, leak-proof, and labeled heavy-duty plastic bags.
  • Cleans the entire area thoroughly with wet mops, wet rags, sponges, or HEPA vacuum cleaners.

At the end of the job, be sure to get written assurance from the asbestos abatement contractor that verifies that all procedures have been followed and affected areas are safe to inhabit.

After the work has been completed, an asbestos inspector or an independent air-testing contractor will perform air monitoring to ensure that there is no increase of asbestos fibers in the air.

TAC is at Your Service for Asbestos Abatement

Now that you understand the roles of asbestos abatement professionals, it’s time to hire the best company to get rid of this harmful material from your home: Tacoma Abatement Company. Call us today to learn how we can safely remove or repair asbestos so you can enjoy peace of mind.